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Last updated: July 21st, 2017

For this new Tia Ling video update, Tia has something special to show off. A fuck session she recorded a while ago while on a trip. She got her slutty hands on a stud that fucked her pussy like no one ever did before. And slutty tialing wants to share this with you to show you just how her pussy has to be fucked in order for her to be pleased. If you’re curious as to just what you can do to make that hot sexy Asian scream in pleasure, than this is the place for you. So let’s not waste anymore time to just see the lovely and cute babe in action for this afternoon as she fucks this lucky guy as hard as she wants everyone!

As the cameras start to roll, the first thing you get to see is this lovely babe as she gets around to loosen up her tight and wet holes with a nice and big dildo as she wants to get ready for the guy’s nice and big cock. So just sit back and watch this lovely and sexy brunette slut as she sucks and slurps on his mighty cock, and then see her taking a nice and deep pussy pounding. Then you get to watch the slutty lady getting fucked nice and deep in her ass with the guy going balls deep in her little tight butthole. As always we hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you next week with some more!

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Tia Ling Videos

For this week’s free Tia Ling videos, this little Asian had one of her friends over for a girls only night. And by that it meant that no cocks were allowed, only wet tight pussies. You should see these two hot babes in action working on each others pussies like true professionals. Check out Tia Ling taking a good and deep pussy pounding from her girlfriend with all kinds of crazy and unusual toys. Well what can we say, this time the sexy Asian babe fancied getting herself some nice and hot chocolate and we can bet that she didn’t regret it as well. So let’s see the two babes fucking just for you shall we?

As the scene starts off, you can see that miss Tia had a nice little friend over and they were sure going to take their time to have some sweet sexual fun just for you today. Sit back and watch closely as the babes start off with a superbly hot and sexy and passionate kissing session, and then see them as they engage in a superb pussy licking sixty nine session as well. The ebony babe soon whips out a nice and big dildo that she intends to use on Tia’s pussy, and you just need to see our Asian lady moan in pleasure while she gets fucked by the toy today. Have fun with it and see you next time like always!

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Tia Ling Facial Abuse

Hey there , we have some fresh new Tia Ling facial abuse pictures for your enjoyment. As you know our slutty asian fell in love with her new fetish, getting a kick out of having her body punished and pleased at the same time. And for this one it’s no different, Tia was bound and had about four guys working at that naughty pussy of hers. They took turns in roughly disciplining it until tialing had orgasm after orgasm. And for a great finish, they all blew their load all over her body to cover her in their warm jizz. Enjoy this fresh and free update everyone! We had it while shooting it for sure and we bet you will too when you see it.

The thing is that not only guys were here to have fun with miss Tia’s face and pussy. The guys were of course lining up to fuck her sweet and wet pussy as well but she also had women line up to get their pussies pleased by her expert tongue as well as the other guys that offered up their cocks for oral pleasure to her mouth. Sit back and enjoy this group sex action that Tia got to take part of and see you guys next week with more of her superb content as always. We know you’ll just love seeing her fucked in this nice gang bang and who knows maybe she’ll do another one since she enjoyed this one so much!


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Tia Ling Anal Pounding

It seems Tia simply fell in love with the bondage scene lately since it’s the only thing that’s on her mind lately. So she’s back to the punishment center for some tia ling anal stretching by two guys with large cocks. Well so far you know about how much this lovely little Asian babes loves cocks and BDSM and today she got both of them. Lucky for her as these two studs were pretty much all set to please her as much as she wanted for this whole afternoon today. Anyway, we bet you are eager to see her in action so let’s not delay any longer and watch this cutie as she gets her sweet and eager holes worked hard.


And do trust us when we say each and every hole. Her sexy body is only surpassed by her eagerness to take cocks in herself and these two studs sure had a run for their money sort of speak with her today. Sit back and watch her start off by getting herself tied up and then see her sucking and slurping on those nice and hard cocks to get the dicks nice and hard for her sweet and wet eager cunt. Watch as the lovely little babe will be getting one wild and hard style fuck for today and as she had fun with her scene guys. We will bring you more of her superb little galleries next week as per usual okay? So we’ll be seeing you then without delay.

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Punishment dungeon

Naughty tia ling just can’t seem to get enough of the punishment dungeon. Seems she always gets in trouble just to get back to her bondage session, since her pussy only gets a kick by just being abused. So watch this blonde dominatrix take care of that naughty pussy and teach her a lesson in sexual satisfaction. After this tialing  said she has never been fucked so good by any other girl before. Well to be fair, this sexy and hot blonde mistress did know what she was doing so miss Tia would be in for the nice and hot pleasing scene one way or another for today. So let’s see the babes have some fun today shall we?

Naughty little Tia was acting naughty again today and her mistress decided to have some fun herself with her holes as maybe that would calm her down. Well Tia always loves to be raunchy until someone tends to her and has fun with her sweet pussy and sexy body. And this mistress sure had lots of fun. You see she knows how to use her expert hands to make this babe orgasm in pleasure and she wasn’t going to stop until she made her do it multiple times. So just sit back and see miss Tia finger fucked nice and hard until she cums multiple times today. And we think she may want to get it on with the babe more in the future!


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Tia Ling Galleries

This week’s tia ling galleries  have our horny little Asian return to that hot bondage action she just adores. And for this one, after having her pussy extremly teased to the point that it was like a waterfall between her legs, she finally got a treat. One of the bondage guys, actually rewarded her with some pussy fucking. Though it was still as rough and as hard as the fucking machines themselves. Our Tia enjoyed it nonetheless, and you know that the slutty and sexy babe always adores having a nice and big cock shoved deep inside her sweet pussy any day of the week, so let’s not delay and see her in action once more!


And once more you get to see the lovely babe in a hot and sexy BDSM scene as she gets to have her tight and wet cunt fucked by her master this afternoon. She was very very naughty and she needed to be taught a lesson for this afternoon. The stud was all for it, and in secret the babe was as well as she was just too eager to have herself fucked by a nice and big and hard cock today. Enjoy seeing her round perky tits bouncing up and down as she rides his nice and big cock today and do come back next week for another one of her superb and sexy scenes just like always. We’ll be seeing you then guys!

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Tia Ling Lesbian Fiesta

Our favorite little Asian slut always like to try out new things. For this one she got into some Tia Ling lesbian
sex to try out being pleased by another chick. And we can see that this brand new experience suited Tia Ling extremely well. Seems she can get off by being fucked by another girl just as well as having a large cock in her pussy. Take a look at tialing.com and see these two horny women fuck each others pussies with a big red dildo until they cum. Fun times were had, and suffice to say we had some cleaning to on the set afterwards, from all of their squirting orgasms earlier. So let’s get started!

As you know, sexy miss Tia just adores having fun with both ladies and men. And today her blonde friend here was very much in the mood to have some fun with the brunette sexy babe without delay. Let’s sit back and watch them start off their scene as they get each other undressed and start kissing one another passionately just for your viewing pleasure. You get to see the slutty and kinky babes as they begin to have some nice fun playing with some big dildos just for your viewing pleasure today. Enjoy as they fuck one another’s tight pussies and do come back next week for another superb update from Tia!


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Sexy garter & Stockings

Tia Ling decided to treat everyone today for something special. She just bought a sexy garter with a pair of hot stockings and she was just aching to show them off to you. See her put her sexy body on display just for you in this update. As always this babe was super naughty and she just had to do something about it without delay. And so you get to see her getting kinky and wild once more as she is going to take that sexy outfit off for you and play with her sexy body just for your enjoyment today. Let’s get her show on the road and see Tia working the cameras with her superb poses and nude body as always.


Well like we said, this sexy little babe was in a very naughty and kinky mood and she was really looking forward to get to play today. Sit back and watch her making her entry wearing her super sexy and hot lingerie outfit, and see her as she takes off her bra to expose those nice and perky round tits of hers. She knows that you just love seeing her play with them and so she does just that before moving on. Then you get to see as she takes her time to play with her pussy too. Watch closely and see her spreading her legs to show off that pink wet pussy of hers for you guys and do come back next week for another amazing and hot scene!

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Tia Ling Bondage scene

We have another Tia Ling bondage scene for this update as this little asian slut just didn’t get enough pussy punishment last time she did this. For this one however they guys tied her up and continuously slapped her ass , only making her get more and more turned on. See Tia Ling getting properly punished for her lusty sex drives today, and see her getting off on it as well. Because you see, as this cute and sexy babe gets her body treated harshly she also gets more and more turned on. Ad it seems that from today onward, this cute babe has found another passion for some naughty and kinky type of sex.

She said she never got to try BDSM before and this guy was more than happy to get to show her the ins and outs for it. So you just need to sit back and enjoy as this master stud shows her sexy and perky body a good time this nice and hot afternoon. This sexy  little Asian slut is going to get herself teased and punished quite a lot and she seemed to love the treatment. Watch as the dude slaps her, and see as he teases her pussy, and watch as she almost gets to cum, but the guy soon stops denying her the pleasure. Have fun with it and see you guys next week with another one of Tia’s superb and sexy scenes!


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Tia Ling Porn Star

For this little update Tia Ling porn star is left all alone in the house. And since she has all the place to herself, she thought she might as well enjoy herself. So what better way to spend the time than playing with herself. See her strip to her hot and sexy panties, and after that she massages her impressive tits at tialing.com for some sexy pictures. And just look at those perfect shapes, and that roundness of her tits. It just drives you crazy, and the sexy brunette Asian babe knows it fully well. Anyway she’s here to show off her goods to you and you can bet that you will be in for a nice treat for the whole afternoon.


Miss Ling knows how to have fun with her body as always, and she knows that that’s what you;re here for anyway. Do take your time to see this sizzling hot babe as she takes off her top to show off her perky and playful tits, and see her as she massages and squeezes them just for your enjoyment today. She then makes her way down to her panties and you get to see her slide her hand inside as she starts to masturbate. Enjoy her pussy rubbing scene as well today and have fun with her scene. She will be back next week with some more amazing stuff to show off just for you and we bet you’ll love them!

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